About Mademoiselle Anne 

The First Note


This organization was born out of a necessity to find an alternative solution to my children's preschool shutdown. While I was looking at different options, I realized that I needed a place where my daughter could meet other friends and learn in a playful setting rather than a typical daycare or preschool.


While I was reluctant to give up control over my kids' upbringing to a full-time preschool or daycare, I still wanted a place where she could benefit from learning with her peers and through qualified instructors. The programs offered are exactly that. It brings the best of both worlds together.

Where does it come from?


The company was named after my daughter, Anne, who is the reason why I started this organization. Both my children have attended the JEU D'ENFANT program.

Colors are bright green and bright blue, green being my favorite color, and blue my son's favorite color.

This company is registered as an LLC, not a non-profit, solely because it was the best way to keep control over the business decisions; non-profit organizations require a board composed of several people.

While I strive to be profitable, this organization's main objective is to provide a service to the community, not maximize profits.

During the Pandemic


Mademoiselle Anne LLC has now shut down due to the pandemic. 

The content on this website will still be available for those interested under my personal umbrella.

By accessing this content you agree to assume all risks linked to the content of this website and hold myself and my family harmless.

  Christelle Couturier  
About the Founder 


  • Native French Canadian, moved to the Bay Area in 2010. 

  • Grew up in the Montreal Metropolitan area, spent 6th grade in an English immersion program.

  • Lived 3 months in Mali (Africa) implementing a micro-credit program in a rural village.

  • Bachelors in Business Administration from HEC Montreal (Canada) in 2005.

  • Over 10 years of Business and Marketing experience, including Head of Marketing for a Children Recreation Center.

  • Mother of 2 wonderful, smart and beautiful children.

  • Avid runner, knitter, wine lover and Orangetheory enthusiast.