Jeu d'Enfant Summer Camps

Our summer Camps just opened!  Only 12 spots available!

French Immersion Recreational Program

Children ages 2 - 5

No prior French knowledge required. 

Following the Santa Clara Health Department Guidelines, we are now launching a series of summer camps in Los Gatos, CA! Running on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9AM to 12PM, our summer camps offers the opportunity for kids to meet and play with other kids in a controlled and safe environment, all while learning a new language!

We have put in place a series of protocols to ensure all children are safe with us, including extensive washing of hands and social distanced seating areas! Only 12 spots are available per session. See our safety protocol below.

Session #1: 

Wednesdays/Fridays from 9AM to 12PM @ Los Gatos Youth Recreation Center

6 Classes held on 6/17; 6/19; 6/24; 6/26; 7/1; 7/3

Price: $ 359

Session #2:

Wednesdays/Fridays from 9AM to 12PM @ Los Gatos Youth Recreation Center

6 Classes held on 7/8; 7/10; 7/15; 7/17; 7/22; 7/24

Price: $ 359

Session #3:

Wednesdays/Fridays from 9AM to 12PM @ Los Gatos Youth Recreation Center

6 Classes held on 7/29; 7/31; 8/5; 8/7; 8/12; 8/14

Price: $ 359

JEU D'ENFANT is a recreational program that offers children the opportunity to learn the French language while playing in a preschool-like environment.  Qualified instructors reinforce thematic learning through play and activities. Its primary objective is for children to learn the French language while they are playfully engaged with the other children and the instructors.  No prior French knowledge required.​

The children attending the program will get to play with their peers and make new friends.  They will learn how to follow rules, how to behave in groups and how to interact with each other.  The setup is similar to a preschool, with tables and chairs, circle time, drop-off and pick-up schedules. No academic curriculum is followed but instead themes are explored. This is a hybrid program that brings the best of both worlds together. The creative atmosphere fosters the learning process through free play and other activities such as circle time, crafts, games, story-time, music, and other elements. A variety of activities will help to develop motor and social skills.

The highest instructor:children ratio ever allowed is 1:8. 

What to bring: A water bottle, a snack and a change of clothes.

Children should be toilet trained and comfortable participating without a parent.


As you know, safety is our top priority. We have established a series of steps we will be taking that will minimize the risk of contracting Covid-19 during our summer camps: 



1 - Class size and Attendance – Class sizes will be limited to 12 students. The same 12 students must remain in the same group for a minimum of 3 weeks.

2 - Class Times – Please be prompt dropping off and picking up your child, once class ends, parents should be ready to pick their child up. 

3 - Temperature Checks – We will be performing temperature checks with a touchless thermometer as students enter and anyone with a temperature above 100.4°F will not be allowed to enter the classroom. Anyone student with a cough should remain home as well.

4 - Washing Hands - We will require children coming in to wash their hands.  They will also be instructed to do so before and after snack time, and right before pick up. 

5 - Viewing Classes – Parents will not be allowed inside the classroom. Each child will be responsible to carry their own backpacks to their seating area and back to their parents waiting outside the classroom at the end of the class.

6 - Minimal Contact – Instructors will be making minimal contact with any of the students, which means no high fives, no pats on the head, no sitting on the instructors during circle time, no sharing of objects. 

7 - Distancing – Each student will have their own seating area at the table and their own set of materials. No sharing of markers or other materials will be permitted. The tables will be set to provide social distancing (6ft or more).

8 - Face Masks – Although face masks are not required for the students, our instructors will be wearing masks.


9 - Cleaning Procedures – After every class we will be disinfecting toys and materials used, as well as the classroom. 


10 - Group Play -  Children being children, we anticipate that they will want to play as a group.  We will clean and disinfect all materials touched by children after each class.  Materials/toys used for group play will be selected based on whether side-by-side play can be optimized instead of group play.

More safety protocols can be put in place if we deem it necessary.