Jeu d'Enfant (Child's Play)  

JEU D'ENFANT - Questions and Answers


Q: What is JEU D'ENFANT?
JEU D'ENFANT is a recreational program that offers children the opportunity to learn the French language while playing in a preschool-like environment. Think of it as a mashup between recreational play and language classes with a preschool-like setup.


Q: What does that mean?A: To create the best possible program for kids, we took the best from all of these structures and put them together. JEU D'ENFANT has a setup like that of a preschool, with tables and chairs, circle time, drop-off and pick-up schedules. But it is a recreational program, which means the children who attend the program will get to play with their peers and make new friends first of all. There is no academic curriculum to follow. Contrary to most language classes, kids do not sit during the whole class and get information shoved at them. The learning of the French language happens naturally while they are playing or engaging with the other kids and the instructors.

Q: Is this a preschool?

A: No. This program is not a preschool, but a recreational program where the main objective is to learn the French language. It operates by session, which means every session you get to decide whether you register your child or not and for which weekdays. It is more flexible this way. In addition, this program does not follow an academic curriculum. Themes are explored instead of a traditional curriculum. Themes chosen are selected to maximize French vocabulary learning while keeping the children entertained. Notions of alphabet, numbers, reading and counting skills could happen too but if they do will more likely be a by-product of the primary objectives.

Q: What will kids do during class?

A: Every class, children will have time to play together under the instructors' watchful eyes. This free play period is helpful to get children to know each other and develop interpersonal relationships and creative thinking skills. There is also a circle time, where the instructors will introduce the French weekly theme and develop it. Kids will then learn and sing songs, make crafts and play games all in relation to the theme explored. We have introduced STEAM activities such as science experiments, tests and projects. 



          8:45 - 9:30      => Drop-off; Free Play

          9:30 - 10:00    => Circle Time (weekly theme introduced; story, songs)

         10:00 - 10:30  => Bathroom break and snack time

         10:30 - 11:00  => Weekly themed crafts and/or STEM project

         11:00 - 11:30  => Indoor play

         11:30 - 12:00  => Circle time (songs, story, weekly theme)

         12:00 - 12:15  => Pick-up time (Play-doh, kinetic sand, beads, etc.)

Q: My child is not fully potty-trained.  Can he/she still attend?
A: Yes. We do require that the potty training process has started, not that your child be fully potty trained. As parents, we understand that for some children potty-training is a lengthy process and accidents can happen. That is why we ask you to you bring a change of clothes. Also, we do ask that you take your child to the bathroom prior to class in order to limit the number of bathroom breaks needed and maximize play time in class. That being said, there are enough instructors in the classroom to assist in case your child needs an urgent trip to the bathroom.

Q: My child is not 2 yet.  Can he/she still attend?

A: Possibly.  Children enrolled must have turned 2 by the last day of class, so if your child is getting closer to that 2nd birthday, you can still enroll him/her.  In addition, they can take part in class as long as they haven't crossed that 6th birthday mark. This is for all sessions of the JEU D'ENFANT program, whether a regular session or the summer camps.

Children enrolled in the class are divided into groups based on their age, so while all ages from 1.75-5.99 are in the same class, they are divided into smaller age-related groups for crafts, activities, outdoor play, bathroom break, etc.

Q: Do I need to submit medical records?

A: No. Because this is a city-run recreational program and not a licensed preschool, you do not need to submit medical records. We do kindly ask though that the child’s immunization records be up to date if possible as to protect the health and safety of the children attending the program and their family members. 

Q: Can parents/caregivers stay in the class?
Absolutely. Any parent or caregivers who wish to observe are welcome. We do ask that you stay at the back of the classroom and not interfere with the instructors' work unless necessary. The classrooms also has windows from which you can discreetly observe at all times.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: A water bottle, a snack (we have a nut-free policy) and a change of clothes. 

Q: How does the registration work?

A: You can register through LGS Recreation. There are 3 different options in Los Gatos: the Tuesday, the Thursday and the Friday session. If you choose to register for a combination of weekdays you must register each weekday separately.

Q: What is the instructor:children ratio?
The maximum instructor: children ratio is 1:8 and the maximum number of children attending the program is set to 24. There are up to 4 instructors in the classroom for a ratio of 1:6 


Q: What is the schedule for drop-off and pick-up?

A: Drop-off begins at 8:45AM and ends at 9:00AM. Pick-up begins at 12:00PM and ends at 12:15PM. There will be a 15$ pick-up fee if the parent/guardian is more than 10 minutes late, plus another $15 for every additional 15-minute increment.

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